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Honestly I can say that I am hating my class.Why?They fail to accept other people’s awesomeness,they even fail to realise that being a nerd(or nerdfighter) is now the social norm.They still live in their little bubble of populars,and fail to expand and see the world in different ways.For example,they think Jar of Hearts is an ‘emo’ song.God,they just don’t realise the seriousness in being ‘emo’.’emo’ people cut themselves,and not over stupid trivial matters either.These people fail to realise cutting is real,because of the little bubble the government protects them in.This coming election,if the People’s Actition Party don’t win,Singapore is over.The bubble will be popped,thank God,and these idiots will see the true light of the matter.GEEZUS,I mean,the populars here are fat girls and bitchy short stuff,plus pale emo mute.Yeah,Singapore is FUCKED UP.The real populars,hell they are not even popular.Sure they got them cliques,but no where near ruling the school like that fatass and her minions.Shit,I wouldn’t mind blonde bimbos with huge tits,but these pathetic people?GIMME A (KITKAT) BREAK!!!!!!!!Hell if it weren’t for them I would’ve found my group by now,but I’m still a damn loner.Screw these idiots.I’m out.

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