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I can finally understand why some people may hate and find pop mainstream so annoying all the time and bash it so much.

I never really thought much of them being talentless puppets produced and working hard enough to be so popular…

But I guess I finally see it and it is so irritating but..

I still like them. Idols. We need people in our life to look up to fantasize about, dream to be…Perfection in one form of the other.

It’s nice if you can find that in other music but honestly…Without K-idols I’d probably go mad. Seeing them, hearing them, loving them.

At the same time I like other music but I guess that’s what’ll keep me stuck to pop. Perfection. Being loved. Fame. Money. Adoration. It’s a twisted desire I suppose, the only type of music people do anything to be other people, the opposite of what music is supposed to be (yourself). The eyes, the gaze, the pretty faces, the hot bodies. You can’t find goddesses like them anywhere else I guess. Not in English, not in Spanish.

Even Japan, who used to have idols even worse off than Korean idols…Controlled like hand puppets all the time. Now they’ve gone for the “relatable” idol concept there…

Idols are supposed to be perfect..Beautiful. That’s the difference. Rich. “Happy”

On a whole new level…and that’s why we love them. Because they’re untouchable.

Like an expensive china vase I suppose.

Another reason why American music is now so shitty. The “idols” get drunk, party, scandals 24-7. They’re not different from us.

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